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Pa`inaGirl.com specializes in cute Hawaiian dresses. Our Hawaiian dresses are always popular choices for informal beach wedding dresses or affordable bridesmaid dresses and range from fun and flirty to casual elegant. Hawaiian dresses and matching shirts can be worn for all occasions; our matching aloha prints can be used for parties, family photos and luaus, unique bridal wear, company events, and of course just for fun. In fact, our resort wear has been very popular for beach wedding dresses or garden wedding dresses since they are so comfortable and pretty, too! Matching the guys in Hawaiian shirts is always a nice touch, too, even if you are just attending a party and are not in the party! We are located on the island of O`ahu, nicknamed "the Gathering Place," as most of the population in Hawaii lives and works here. Why not take a trip to the islands, even if only in your mind? You'll be warmed by the thought!

hawaiian dresses
hawaiian wedding dresses

hawaiian dresses

PA`INA PEEPS! Some of our model friends are something of celebrities in Hawaii. Check out the gallery. Currently in our Hawaii celebrities gallery: Actress and model Sondra Barker, former UH Football Offensive Assistant Tyson Helton, Island entertainer Jon Yamasato and former UH record-breaking quarterback (and now UH Football Coach) Nick Rolovich.

Locals here in Hawaii have been enjoying the comfort and style of "alohawear" since the 1930s, but the popularity of its bright colors and prints has caught on everywhere. Perhaps it's because of the happy feelings these friendly prints evoke -- put on some alohawear and you can't help but feel as though you're on vacation in paradise!

The modern Hawaiian dress is actually something of a new phenomenon for the ladies -- in previous years, the "hawaiian dress" was usually a very conservative mu`umu`u -- definitely not very provocative or sexy (however, island women and girls do still wear mu`umu`us on Aloha Friday!).

Cool and hip aloha shirts always abounded for the guys, but until semi-recently, stylish island girls found it somewhat difficult and frustrating to express their Hawaiian style in a feminine way. Only in recent years have aloha wear makers finally caught on and realized that sexy Hawaiian dresses belong in every island girl's closet! You can take the girl from the island... but not the island from the girl!

From silky, elegant matching resort wear to bold, fun Hawaiian print dresses, we've got a tons of high quality clothing appropriate for every occasion. Let your 'ohana stand out with colorful matching Hawaiian attire --- whether your 'ohana is made up of you and your significant other, co-workers, family, or close friends. Pa`ina means "party" in Hawaiian, so get into the party mood with some great clothes!


If you're planning a Hawaiian style luau, complete your theme with some colorful Hawaiian dresses and the essential matching Hawaiian shirts. All of our alohawear is made right here in Hawaii, with aloha!

Our Matching Resort Wear sets make great informal wedding dresses and shirts if you're planning a Hawaiian or beach theme wedding. Also, if you're planning a Hawaiian style wedding, be sure to check out our ever-growing Hawaiian wedding product line at our Hawaiian Wedding Shop! Hawaiian Wedding Shop is your one-stop shop for planning the perfect beach theme wedding.

Be sure to come back and visit as we are constantly adding only the best items from the Hawaiian islands to our store. Even better, bookmark our site for a shortcut to some quick aloha!

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